Manage Staffing Shortages with Cutting Edge Sales Forecasting

AI Forecasting Software That Gives Restaurants a Recipe for Success is easy-to-use, highly accurate forecasting software for restaurants that harnesses the power of our cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithm. Equip managers with exactly what they need to make better, faster decisions, improve efficiency and increase profitability across your business. 

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Key features of’s restaurant demand forecasting software’s AI forecasting software will replace all the manual estimating of food costs and labor schedules. Make accurate predictions about restaurant demand, sales, and labor, and schedule your restaurant staff according to these predictions.

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What’s AI forecasting software can do for restaurants

Detailed restaurant sales predictions

Generate hourly, daily, and weekly sales forecasts with unprecedented accuracy thanks to predictive analytics. The unique algorithm behind our restaurant sales forecasting software is always learning, identifying patterns and taking in information for even better future forecasts. 


Reduce Complexity, Increase Profitability

Better restaurant labor planning

Our restaurant labor forecasting software arms you with solid insights so you can know what to expect at each location and shift. Reduce under- and overstaffed shifts by having the right people at the right time to deliver an optimal customer experience.


Driven by Innovation, For Innovative Operators

Built-in restaurant shift scheduling

Keep your best people happy with balanced shift scheduling. Help avoid employee burnout, optimize shifts, and reduce the odds of overworking staff with AI-powered restaurant scheduling software.


Easy-to-Adopt, Even Easier to Use

Integrations for more seamless operations

Connect your existing systems using one of our integrations. Integrating your point of sale (POS) systems allows you to access historical sales and real-time data to feed’s machine learning for continuously improved forecasting.


A Tried, Tested, and True Solution

Labor forecasting

Fewer surprises. Greater restaurant efficiency.

Get a clear picture of labor costs and scheduling needs. Request pricing info today.

Book Demo predicts within a 5% variance at Cabo Bob's

See how Cabo Bob’s and others are using’s forecasting software to efficiently schedule their staff and purchase food based on accurate demand predictions. Challenge

Leverage the challenge to see how much money you could be saving on labor with We simply gather your historical sales date, and we will run our forecasting algortihm to identify accuracy opportunities.

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